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Bought A New Car Last Night


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So I have been searching for over 2 years to find the right 67' chevelle and think i found it (or at least I hope cause i bought it) last night. It a true code 138 SS paint code F-F Marina blue w/ blue interior. Under the hood is a 396/375 big block with 1400 miles on it since resto back in 02'. Headed down to West Virgina to pick it up over the weekend. Cant wait to see how she runs :chevy:








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Very nice indeed! I like that year over the more "curved" 1970 style. I also perfer the color of yours over the Lyndale Blue. Marina seems to pop IMO.


Of course I am a little bias since my father owns a 67 Marina blue Vette. :P


Best of luck with it! :cheers:

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Thanks for the compliments guys, cant wait to pick her up. I posted a few more pics at the top.


Krambo...is that 67 vette an original 427? and if so how long has he had it. My father has a vette too, but its a 72' with a 454 big block. He has had it since new, just over 51k on the clock. Original everything.

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