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Hello Guys


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Hey guys , first tried to join this site way back in Feb of '06.Had some problems but I 've been snooping around here since i first got my 2003 Arrival Blue SS on May ,Friday the 13 th,2005 with 5900 miles on it.I'm a member on a few other sites and feel like i know some of you already!

I'm still kinds new at a few things so i may ask for help from time to time.

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Thanks,been kinda frustrated..the only forum where i can b.s with fellow SSS'ers and not get on!!

I feel like i missed out on alot but i would normally look in almost daily!

I'm most active on AmericanMuscleRegistry and see a couple of guys from here over there!

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Welcome to the site :cheers: Nice looking SS

Thanks! Now I gotta do a search and get a new sig for this place!

Been loving this place for years,seen some good tips and ALOT of AWESOME SS truck here!

You guys make a man wanna go broke trying to do some of the sweet mods i've seen on yalls trucks! :cheers:


Trying to make a sig using this pic but it's keeps coming out too big!!

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