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What Do You Guys Think Of Dishnetwork Cable Compared To Normal?


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I just moved in last month so Insight cable was all that was available. Now it looks like windstream is teaming up with dishnetwork to offer cable/internet packages. I had this at my apartment and the HD channels were real HD(1080p). Insight says they offer HD channels but my box shows 1080i resolution so I'm not too happy. I can tell the difference.


What do you guys think about dishnetwork? I'm nt a fan of a little dish in my yard but if the service is good and the resolution is true HD, I'd go for it.


Has the dishes got better? I don't want my cable to go out when it rains or snows.


The internet service is DSL. I've got broadband cable internet right now. Which is better? I can't tell a difference with speed when accessing my work secure LAN/WAN.

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Well not sure about your choices however, I have DirecTV and would NEVER go back to cable around here. I bundled my cell phones and wireless broadband Internet service through Verizon and couldn't be happier.

I have DirectTV as well, and am very satisfied. However, I'm waiting for Verizon Fios to come to my area, so I can have everything from one vendor. I still have Cablevision for Internet access.

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DISHNETWORK BLOWS! i had dishnetwork for about 2 yrs, then left.... every time they had to come out to fix "their shit" they charged me a "service charge", even though it was "their shit" i still had to pay for them to come out and fix it.... i am never in my life going to purchase dishnetwork. i had more than 8 outages when i had them and had to pay a fee 5 times, it got to a point where i said fu(k it, i'll wait it out, so that is what i did

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