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Im going to be starting my 4l80e swap next week.

im just trying to get everything together for what im going to need.

please let me know what else im going to need or do.


-retune for 4l80e

-new slip yoke for drive shaft

-mod cross member

-wire second speed sensor

-mod trans connector plug

-extend tranny line

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Just off the top of my head you will need a input shaft for the AWD transfer case if AWD, run 2 wires from pin 22 and 23 from the pcm to the tanny for the 2nd speed sensor, 80e flywheel off a 6.0 and re-pin the main tranny harness 65e plug to the 80e plug. I would also flash a drive by wire 6.0 80e tune rather than a segment swap from HPT.

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just wondering if anyone knows, for hooking up the second speed sensor do i splice into pin 22&23 wires or do i cut them off and hook strait into the pcm with them.

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Your truck is looking good man and with that tranny its going to be bullet proof, post up some more pics of your truck.........Juss some info tho for you and anyone else out there who are going to do this swap, Speed Engineering has a whole kit for our trucks to do this swap. Also they make it for whatever config you have, and if you just need an individual part they have that too. Heres the link Speed Engineering



2wd Regular cab short bed




4L80E Conversion (Regular Cross Member) $3,299.99

We offer full kits for those looking to update their 4L60E Transmission to a 4L80E. Our Transmissions are complete without any core charge. These Transmissions are upgraded with TransGo Shift kits, high temperature O-rings, and several internal upgrades. Our complete packages are rated at 700hp. For those of you interested in our larger hp applications we offer a Finishline Level 4 and Level 5 Transmission. The level 4 is rated over 800hp and the level 5 is rated over 1200hp.


This specific kit includes:


Wire Harness

Crank Spacer & Bolts

Custom Cross Member

Custom Driveline Yoke

Dip Stick Tub

Transmission Mount

Connection Lines & Fittings


Torque Converter Shield

Linkage Bracket

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