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I have went through a few stages in my life first it was mustangs and then ford diesels. Now I picked up a 03 sss and now its her turn. Love to make things fast, but in the past I have always started with the little things that are free. Are there any little tricks I should know about. This is a great site and I appreciate the help. Truck is stock with a Volant cold air kit.

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My best advice is to go through some old forum topics and read up. there is a ton of information on this site. I started reading through here before I even got my truck. Go to the How to section and do some of the things in there. Then, do some searches of some things you want to do, ie. exhaust, programming, etc.


I would look into programming first. I recommend wheatley at www.gowheatley.com great guy to work with. There are alot others on the site though. Good luck to you and your new truck. I hope you like it.



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not sure on too many free upgrades on these trucks but i do know like posted before there is a great how to section that walks you through about everything. all you do is buy the part and they can walk you through putting it on. save a little cash on the install.

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