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Oil Pressure Sending Unit Size


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So my autometer oil pressure gauge is all wired up, however the only thing I need to know is what is the size of the oil pressure sending unit ? I need to get a fitting that will go in there to complete my gauge install. I've looked all over and had no luck. Thanks


Its an 03 Silverado SS 6.0L AWD.

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is it the sending unit that is inside the engine bay and close to the firewall? if so i changed mine and i can look what size socket i used


Yes Sir, I know the socket size, however, there is a threaded fitting that goes inside the oil pressure sending unit that needs to be hooked up to the autometer tubing for it to work.


I have on on my chevelle BBC but I am no help cause i am not home sorry. Can you take it down to the store and match it up??


I guess , but that means I would have to remove the entire sending unti, not just the sensor.

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