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Had A V-max For Breakfast This Morning,lol

Les Hall

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Not Really considering this a major win cause it's a VHO still family lol, Anyhow a while back I was having hell getting my RWD SS outta the hole, I raced a friends 08 2wd V-max, He had exhaust & the few extra hp the newer 6.0 has,,I had C.A.I., Magnaflow, & Hypertech,,,,This V-max was jumping me a length on the launch & keeping it all the way ,he beat me 1-length in the 1/4,,everytime. So I dropped the HyperJUNK, Got me a Wheatly tune & MSD wires,,,,well I ran him this morning,,he still got me a length outta the hole,,but I ran him down & beat him 1-Length,,,so to anyone wandering is a custom tune really much better than a hand held? HELLYEAH!!! I gained two lengths in the 1/4 mile

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If he got you by a truck length the first time, I'd say he definitely has a tune as well as the exhaust. Those trucks are not very impressive with the stock tuning. They have a four second delay after you floor it before they will deliver full power. Don't ask me why.



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Nice kill dude.

Jason dude, that must be the new truck on your avatar? That's great that your back on your feet. Hit me up, see when we go to irwindale. Later.


yup new truck, new year (well still an 08, but i keep it clean). Got some pics up in the album. I was thinkin of going this thur if not next week. All depends on wether or not i goto vegas this weekend. Ill let ya know by tomorrrow. Gotta co-worker with a HD F150 thats been wantin to run me too, soo we'll see. That extra 20 bucks could get me a buffet at the rio...


ok enough thread jackin..lol

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