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Stay Off The Ice - Please


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Here is my Press Release for tonight's biggest call ... Please stay off the ICE ... especially when it's only 5*F out and it's a moving river ....


On 01/14/2009 at approximately 04:09pm, Officers from the Williamstown Police Department responded to a Medical Assist call. It was learned that a female party had fallen through the ice on the Hoosac River, adjacent to the Cole Field facility, Williams College.


Officers Shuan William, Scott Skorupski and Sgt. David Lemieux responded. Officers found the female huddled in a car for warmth. She was later identified as Mary-Jo Green, 63 years old, of Willshire Drive, Williamstown. Green was shivering profusely, suffering from Hypothermia. Village Ambulance Service was called to the scene. Green was then transported to North Adams Regional Hospital. Officers were able to observe that Green’s clothing was frozen to her body.


While attending to Green, it was learned that Green was walking her dog “Jimmy”. Green was down on Cole Field when the dog had gotten to close to, and had fallen into the Hoosac River. Green tried to rescue her dog by getting close to the river’s edge. This is when she herself had fallen into the water. Green was able to get out of the river and make it back up the banking. Green then walked approximately a half mile back across the snow cover soccer field, to where she was assisted by Good-Samaritans, who called 911 for assistance. Green did state that her dog was still in the river.


Officers then called for assistance of from the Williamstown Fire Department (WFD). A search and rescue operation was then initiated for Green’s dog “Jimmy”. At approximately 04:43pm, Jimmy, a black Labrador retriever was located in the river. Jimmy was approximately 10 feet off of the shoreline, stuck in a pocket of thin ice and running water. Using ropes, life-preservers and a Stokes Basket, the WFD was able to pull Jimmy the dog, from the river. Jimmy’s condition was poor, as he was suffering from extreme Hypothermia. Jimmy was then rushed to the Greylock Animal Hospital in North Adams in a Williamstown Police Cruiser. From best estimates, Jimmy was in the water for approximately 1 hour.


At the time of the Press Release, Green is reported to be doing fine and her condition is improving. As for Jimmy the dog, Greylock animal hospital stated that his temperature is on the rise and that he should pull through.


Special Thanks goes out to the Brent Siciliano of the Williams College B+G who was instrumental in locating Jimmy. Along with Thanks to the assistance of Williamstown Fire Department and Village Ambulance Service.



Off. Shuan William #5

Williamstown Police Department

01/14/2009 06:10PM

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great work shuan. just wanna say thanks for protecting us here state side it ppl like you who keep me motivated to do what i do. keep us updated on green and dog if ya can..

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Wow ... what a tragic/amazing story ... whenever I think the stress of my job has reached it's limit I remember how little it matters when a truley significant event like this occurs. +1 to you and your staff, you guys never cease to amaze me!

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