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Sonnax 4th Servo Installed, Wont Shift To 4th.

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I installed a Sonnax 4th gear billet servo with my TransGo kit and with that it wont shift into 4th, I put my stock one back in and its OK, whats the deal? With the TransGo kit it comes with metal spaces that go after the 2nd servo, I checked the clearances and it seemed like the billet didn't need one. I put the stock 4th back in with one spacer and everything works. Any ideas?


I also read some things about the Sonnax 4th's having a problem, anyone experience this? (I wish I had known about this before I bought it)

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RockHead, I didn't put any of the gold servo spacers in with the shift kit when I had the 4th gear billet servo in, as the instructions said with the servo it should move 1/8 inch in when the servo cover is pryed. When I re installed the factory servo I added a gold spacer and everything works fine. Maybe I need one of the spacers in with the billet 4th too?


If by washers you mean in the 2nd accumulator, I put one.

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