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I Got A Magna Charger 112

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I just ordered a Magna Charger 112 from a good deal from PT.net . I have some Questions on what Kind of Gauges I need to get .

Boost Gauge: I know I need a boost Gauge but, what size 0-30PSI or 0-35PSI ?

Wideband Gauge: I was lookin at this http://www.boostcontroller.com/index.php?category=141

Foul PSI Gauge: What PSI i should be lookin for ?


Time I got the SS I had a Goal to get a Magna Charger , And I did it :cheers: Im a very Happy Boy right Now . Everone input is welcome . :thumbs:

Thanks to Kevin(Krambo) for lookin out for me on the deal over at PT.net .


Thanks Mark

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I agree, however the boost/vac gauge should be no more than 15 psi since there is no way you will ever see over that. Getting the 15psi max gauge will show better visual resolution. I like the autometer series (phantom) to match your stock gauges. I also prefer electrical over mechanical for many reasons. Autometer boost gauge LINK




Wideband, yes expensive however will for sure be a valuable addition. Most like the innovate.


Fuel pressure, another good one to keep an eye on. You will need one that will show 0 to no less than 70psi. I suggest the Autometer electrical here as well (0-100psi). Fuel Pressure Gauge LINK




As you can see Gauges can add up REAL quick! With the three I mentioned, (adding in a 3-place pod and paint) you are looking at $800.00


Congrats on the purchase! You will not be disappointed at all.

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