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Cam Selection

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I can't seem to find my old post so I will start a new one. I think i have narrowed down my cam to two possiblitys, Comp cams suggest a XR275 HR 222/224 .566 .568 112, they also want to sell me a behive valve springs and retainers and push rods, for about $815.00 Or Lingenfelter (which I did not call yet) has a cam LS1-GT2-5 222/222 .566 .566 112 lS6 springs and pushrods, for about $560.00. Not much differences in cams, but the springs I'm worried about, I prolably won't do anything else to the motor for a long time. So any input would be appreicated,

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Out of the two choices, I would pick the Comp XR275HR, there are a few guys here running it. Its a good all around cam for street or strip. I will be installing that very cam in my SSS hopefully sometime this spring.......

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