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Godfather Customs Website - Horrible


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Hey All ...


Is it me, or is Godfather Customs Website completely horrible to order anything off of? You are completely screwed, trying to find anything specific.


I just read the story in Truck'n two months ago, about swapping out GMC Yukon Taillights for some Anzo LED Taillights. Seeing that the Wife just picked up a new GMC Denali ... I am like Damn ... I have to get some of those LED Tails. (Click Here for Article w/Pics)


Only problem ... I go on Godfather Customs.com (gcustoms.com) and try to find them ... No dice. And what I did find, is not even close to the price that what is listed in the article. Even the part numbers listed in the article, do not correspond to what is listed for sale on the site.


And ... to add insult to injury ... this months Advertisement spread in Truck'n shows the lights, with a model number and price as the article, but they are not on the website.


So ... If you can find them for me please list them (from article above) ... If not I guess I will have to call ... I hate to say it, but it's still a fair price. (With free shipping).


Secondly ... Has anyone used Anzo lights before? Especially the LED versions? Want to use the Cadillac Escalade ones, but the wire harnesses are not plug and play ... must hack into them. That is something I do not want to do.


Ok ... :rant:

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