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Killed An Audi Tt


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i was drivin home from dinner tonight when a kid from the euro car club comes flying up behind me in his new audi tt, now im in a muscle car club but dont get this scenario wrong... what i mean is we are not arch rivals or anything just two groups that both love cars, just different ones... so back to the story, he is flying up in my rear view and pulls beside me and gives it a huge rev then takes off so i stood in the throttle and right away jumped back after him and pulled him in as we got to the bridge that leads to the beach (Daytona Beach) and once we hit the up slope i pulled even harder, as we came over the top of the bridge i had three cars on him goin 95 and saw cars up ahead so flashed the brakes to caution him of the cars over the top of the bridge and slowed myself, he respectfully said to me "i got raped!!! lets keep this on the down low" and i laughed and smiled then drove off!!!!

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I met some sorry ass european dude last weekend that kept rambling on and on about his audi S4, he was so cocky and kept saying he would destroy my V8. I was pissed I didnt have my truck with me. I just said Im sure you would buddy- after all you have a turbo

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