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Selling All My Toys, 2 Quads Dirt Bike And Trailer


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Just in case anyone is interested I am unloading majority of my toys as I am buying a house. So just in case--------------->


First is my 2002 Yamaha Banshee with a good amount of aftermarket parts that make this bike a hill shooter and yet a relaxed duner. First with the motor.


Motor: K&T heavy dune port on stock stroke stock bore cylinders, 34mm PJ carbs with K&N PODS and outerwears, tru and welded crank, adj timing plate set at +5 right now, milled and re chambered head making 168psi in each cylinder. Must run 100+ octane or change out the head for pump, shearer small bore inframes.


Appearance: PC'd flat black frame, pc'd black CFM +6 swinger, Laker Custom Plastic, TAG bars with billet light mount, 2 set of wheels, dirt tires and complete set of dune tires mounted on ITP black rims, matching red painted a-arms, can be changed to a different color easily, also have stock rear shock but a 01 Raptor rear is mounted up with remote rezi.


I'm sure there is more but just can't think of it.


This bike gave me no issues at the dunes and it is fast, I also have extra set of sprockets for re-gearing plus an additional chain links to compensate. Ask all questions as I am motivated to sell but will not give this bike away.



1989 trx250r is good condition, this bike sat for some time and was really not ridden much. The motor is still a virgin, stock bore, no port work or anything. Frame is still a nice red from factory with little wear. It has a +4 chrome swinger ( could use a little shining up, chrome a-arms, gripper seat cover, fmf fatty pipe with beautiful chrome and a custom shorty silencer, along with a 200w stator for extra lighting if needed. I also put on a brand new set of Maire fenders. Bike is ready for a serious port job and oversized carb to make it a great dune bike or just keep it as it is for now for an easier ride. Was going to be a back-up bike for the girl but things have changed. I have the title in hand as well but need to get it changed over into my name which I will do for whoever is interested. Starts extremely easy and a blast to ride



RM250 which has served me great over the last 5 years. I had this bike set-up for tight trails as it was my bike on the east coast and thats all I rode. It has carbon fiber reeds, fmf burly pipe with pro circuit silencer, renthal bars, bark busters, shaved step seat, carb re jetted and suspension re valved for single track. Could prob use a front fork service and I will include the new seals for when you want to do, simple job to do I just don't have the times. I will also throw in a complete extra set of wheels, front rim has a practically new tire and the rear has a 8 paddle tire so it makes it extremely easy to swap out for the dunes. No title for this bike as it came with my from Pa and it wasn't required, will provide Bill of Sale and Guarantee bike is not Hot!! If serious let deal, no low ball offers, I will not respond. Check my other bikes for sale, 02 banshee, 89 trx250r and I also have a 8x16 enclosed trailer going up for sale as well.



I am willing to trade the banshee or 250r for some sort of daily driver like an s10 4cyl 5sp or whatever but open to offers.


I need to sell my enclosed trailer before I move as it can't come with me and I would rather not take up my buddies extra space with it. It is not the prettiest trailer as it has seen a good amount of use. It has a hole on the left side cap which had some fiberglass mat and resin thrown over it, it does not leak! It was originally a landscaping trailer from the east coast. I pulled this trailer from Pennsylvania to here with absolutely no issues. Its pulls great and stops great as well. It has full electric brakes, a 2-5/16 hitch and cross shelves at the front of the trailer inside. It also has a storage section in the front for gas can's or whatever. I pulled this trailer to Glamis and the dunes a couple times and it worked out great for pulling all the toys and sleeping at night.


It is used and the exterior is dinged up, it is by no means a show stopper but it will get the job done without issue. Has a side door and fold down rear door. I also have a complete spare mounted and an extra spare tire separate that will be included. Have title in hand and ready to go, it is Pennsylvania titles so you need to look into what needs to be done to get it switched over to AZ.


It has a bunch of boxes and stuff in it right now as we are using it for storage so I will have to empty it out before it is bought.


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damn thats a nice shee. love the smell and the sound out of those shees. when are you guys planing a trip out to "G"? just got back a week ago. bikes ran great other than the damn LTR450. Top end and piston are done for phuq just what I need to cough out $ to fix the bike in the middle of the season. Yfz ran like a champ.


free bump.

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I was hoping for pres day but since they laid off mad people at my work I have to cover that weekend. Sucks ass but I still have a job so I cant bitch to much. So as of now I have no idea the next time I will get out for a dune session.


Sucks you popped the top on that LTR, that is my main concern with 4t's! They cost so damn much to fix when they go. Any of the bikes I have for sale I can have the whole motor torn down and put back together within 3-4hrs and cost me under $200. I don;t even want to think about how much it will cost if I blow the kx450 up

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