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Fs: Train Horns - Loud!


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Selling the train horns off my truck...


the tank and pump is by Viair, and its very loud - a few members on here have heard them - Rob, Chase, etc...


They were mounted were my spare used to be, but now that spot is occupied by my Surge tank/fuel cell...


These were $650 new...


$400 shipped takes them.


Pics -






Paypal accepted

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If I had spent a few thousand dollars less in the last 2 months on my truck I'd buy them.


On a different note. I am thinking about getting my company to send me to your school for a course. It would have to be next year though.

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DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i had the cash to get these from u Dave, but i just POPPED my tranny AGAIN :(:cry: ... but good luck witht he sale.


btw: these horns sounds badass!!! saw these things scare a few people, including almost making two little girls fall of there bikes; LMAO that was back in the day when Dave was much more evil :devil:



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