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Stock Plugs?

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Hey all. I just swapped out my plugs the other day. I bought the truck a few months ago with 128k on her and honestly it don't look like it had more than 40k. Well pulled the first plug out, and wow. The gap looked large so I checked the gap. It was .060. I looked to see what kind of plug it was, and AcDelco was on the side. Wait a minute on the other side it was NGK. So the plugs were AcDelco - NGK plugs. Are these plugs the stock plugs? I don't have the part number off them but I put in the NGK TR5 plugs and it didn't make a difference. I did get a little better gas mileage, but I thought it make a little more power with the plugs gapped at .040. Also the NGK plugs I put in didn't have AcDelco - NGK on them.

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