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Hid - High Beam Install (pics)

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Hey All ...


As some of you know, I have finally installed my HID Kit for my High Beams. Here are a few Pics on my Ballast Placement. May give you some ideas ... :thumbs:


I went with the Rikensport 993 - 6000K, 9005 Bulb, set. These match my low beams. (The 4 High Conversion is next.) ... Here is a LINK to my Low Beam Install Pics.


Myself and my trusty backyard mechanic, The Waterboy put these in the other night. We took our time, and gave it some thought. We placed them on the side of the moleded plasic support for the headlights. We pulled the front nose/clip off. (It is only 6 clips) This made all the differnce for the install. We secured the ballast bracket with two self-tapping screws. Finally we used a BMFZT (Big Mother-F*cking Zip-Tie) to secure the whole unit in place, as an "Added" safety precaution.


All said and done, it took us about an hour. We took our time, and did it right.


Top View, with shrowd on.



Pass. Side Headlight with ballast location.



Pass. Side Ballast Location



Pass. Side Ballast Location - Close up (Screws and ZipTie)



Driver's Side Ballast Location



Driver's Side - Both Ballast Locations



Driver's Side Ballast Location



Relief Cut - We drilled two small holes to run the wires through. Since when the Headlight Assembly (Bucket) was replaced. The wires were tightly bent.



Tucked behind the grill (Pass. Side)



Start up






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nice to see you used a couple of "hand-cuffs" that my uncle always wants me to grab from work for another application. nice install Shuan!


i saw the diodes in my console the other day. i can't remember if i pulled them out of the truck or not, but i know i have some.



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looking good! I use to have HIDs in both highs and lows with the high4 kit and it was so awesome! But my HIds went out :( I had my high ballasts mounted behind the bumper and they got wet and rusted, i think thats why my highs went out, as for my lows that were protected from water i have no idea :confused:

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god I love that truck, great idea on the 05 tahoe air dam. but anyways I was curious what you were using for your daytime running light bulbs?


Sylvania Silverstars 3157 AST ... they appear blue ... but burn Amber when lit.


Check out My Garage, by clicking here or at the bottom of the page.


You can also Check out my MistreSS in the SilveradoSS.com Members Calendar, as Miss October ... :thumbs:

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