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Independence Day

1 Fast SS

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I just though with the 4th of July coming up, that I would pay a tribute to our country for everyone. We all enjoy our freedom living in the good ole' USA. So how proud are you to be an Amercian? For me, being an (ex) Honorable discharged 82nd Airborne Infantry soldier in the United States Army,




I am extremely proud to be an American. Even with the economy the way it is, I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.[/b] So here a are some pictures that I loaded up for everyone. I didn't want to load to many, because it might take up to much space.

I pledge allegiance to our flag





For which it stands, one nation under God,





With liberty and justice for all,






For our men and women serving in the military.






For 911,





For all who were injured or died for our country




For all the beautiful people in our country





God bless the USA, and happy 4th of July!!





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Justin, I didn't know you were a ranger. Were you at Bragg? I was in the 2nd 504th, just down the street from you.



I was at benning with the 75th ranger regt. and at campbell with the 187th inf. regt.


now im with CID :banghead: lol

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those pictures are right up my alley, as well as McMahan's



holy cow just imagine that 30mm being fired at ya. soon ill be there with ya alan

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