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Electirc Exhaust Cutouts

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ok, today i got underneath my 03 SSS and wow ive never seen so much crap under a vehicle before..lol....any ways, ive been looking at getting some e-cutouts andim not sure of the best mounting place would be....also, if i do the e-cutouts, should i purchase a new y pipe, or would my stock one work just fine? and one more thing....what size cutouts would work with the truck? any help is greatly appreciated and i hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of july weekend! :cheers:

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I had my exhaust guy put two 3" cutouts on my stock y-pipe. It did take some skill but he put the cutouts on each side before the cats. He took the o2 sensors out and let them hang so as to not heat them up too much. Then took a sawzall to start the holes in the pipe, and finished the holes with the mig. Then to finish, he welded the two 8" pipes with flanges to the pipes. the cutout pipes are welded on the opposite side of the o2 sensors. and the best part, you can even drive around with open headers and throw no codes. I have not had one check engine light yet. If anything go before the cats or don't do it at all because it will sound horrible after the cats.

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thank yall for your input...i was recently thinking of cutting out the cats completely and replacing them with the cutouts... do you think that would throw out any codes? :chevy:


Maybe it could throw a code. There are O2 sensors after the cats too, and that might change a reading resulting in a code. But, it would sound pretty kick ass!

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