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2006 2wd Trailblazer Ss For Sale Baton Rouge Area


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posting for a friend.

Yes I know I just bought the TBSS a few months ago. But my GTO sold so fast, I didnt really have enough time to think. So out of impulse I bought the TBSS. I LOVE it and its a great vehicle! I just think that me buying a house soon I should get a new vehicle with less miles and a warranty. So im putting it up for sale.


Heres the deal. It has 63XXX miles on it. I bought it with 54XXX. It was bone stock when I bought it. Ive only added a few things to it. KBB states that the truck is worth $19200 in GOOD condition. NADA states the truck is worth $18800. This truck is stated as good condition because it has the usual wear and tear from having 63XXX miles. There are NO major defects in the truck. It has a couple nicks(Not chips) and a few scuffs that can be buffed out. It also has some slight curb rash on the Driver Side rear wheel from teh previous owner. The interior is in GREAT shape for having 63XXX miles. The entire interior is almost perfect! It just has some slight wear on the driver side inner bolster.


Im asking $18750 for it. Which is what I owe. The price will go down $325 every month until it is sold. Im not looking to make ANY money off of it. Just looking to get what I owe. The truck runs PERFECT! No oil burn, tranny shifts firm and is in perfect working order. It has been to the track 1 time and ran a total of 4 times. With a best of 14.002@98. Under the hood is VERY clean as well!

And it has a clean Title. Now off to the very few mods done to it.


It has every option except rear DVD and NAV.




Resonator Delete with a Polished Maganflow Muffler/Tip Combo out back(Part number 14819). Sounds really good! Not too loud and not too quiet.

McGaughys front 1.5" Drop Springs(Airbag mod to drop the rear). It sits 31.5in up front and 31.75 out back.

Red SS Inlays on both sides and the rear.

Red Bowtie Overlays on the wheel centercaps.

Third Shift Studios Custom LS2 Emblem on the rear hatch.

Black Reflective Overlays on the rear reflectors.

Black Bowtie Overlay on the rear hatch.


Here are the pics. PM me if SERIOUS and ill answer any questions you may have. :-)




My cell(Mitch):225-910-0105


























Just wanted to post a couple pics showing the Passenger Side. These are a couple weeks after I bought the truck...still looks the same.







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wonder if your bank would sign it over to me get you name completely off it



Im sure if your credit is good enough they would. Ill call them and ask them. But im sure you might have to have an account with them.(Its a local credic union). But ill call them and get as much info as I can on what would be the easiest/best option to do for that kind of situation.


Thanks buddy,



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