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Vortech Intercooled Supercharger Kit


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selling my vortech kit


includes everthing you need except fueling and a tune, youll need bigger injectors, 60lbers would work nice with a stock 6.0. a new fuel pump will also be needed (walbro 355/255lph pump)


what is included


-Vortech sq-trim head unit

-Vortech T-trim , upgraded head unit

-polished bracket

-feed/return oil lines

-piping , intercooler, big fluidyne lightning intercooler with e fans, iat sensor will be needed but is readyfor relocated iat sensor to the boost side( more accurate for tuning your motor)

-complete ati 8 rib pullies ( crank/alt/power steering and 2.8 reichard racing blower/idlers and upgrade tensioner)

-Upgrade magnuson tensioner

vortech maxflow bypass valve

-custom intake piping , bungs for iat sensor/two meth nozzles/and 2x 1/8 npt bungs for nitrous nozzles, for both stock airbox location ( with custom outlaw cai) or to move it to the driverside( batt relocation required to hd tray

-custom 3 gallon ice box with stock air box location mount

-stock vortech preblower piping and custom polished intake piping to relocate filter to driver side

bracketry for supercharger install



and im sure im leaving some stuff out.

i will help with guiding through the install and you can print instructions for the kit on vortech .com


you will need to tap your oil pan for the blower oil return


the t trim headunit makes some noise , may need a new seal/bearing from vortech cost should be around 300 to go through it. the sq trim is the stock included blower with the kit and is ready to rock.


price 4,000+ shipping for everything or , i can arrange to sell local and deliver within reasonable distance.


here are some pics installed on my truck





really would like to sell local as it is alot of stuff.

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im guessing but id say about 200 bucks. there will be alot of boxes. like probably 8 good sizes boxes.



oil pan is pretty easy . 2wd is cake since you can pull it off but 4wd you can tap it on the truck but it takes a bit more skill , like 1/2 turn with greas on the tap and then pull it and clean it , i also ran through some cheap motor oil to catch any drbris that may have got in the pan . we did mine on the truck so it can be done .

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-Price Reduction


3600 for it all or


3000 with only the v2-sq trim head unit


Hello, the repair that it needs... does it need to be sent into Vortec or can a local shop take care of it? Also you think it is just bearing and seals?

What will injectors and fuel pump run me? Thankx

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a local shop possibly could fix it , i know its nothing more than bearings and a seal .


fuel pump you will need a walbro 255lph pump ( magnacharger sells a kit for like 125-150 tops) and injectors you can find used for a few different prices just depends on what you want to run for boost. 42lbers-60lbs will be needed and wont run over 400 for a set new.

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sorry trying to sell it as complete as possible .


cmon guys 3k for a kit and all you need is fueling , 8 rib pulley setup and all the extras. i may be selling the t trim separately soon if not .

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ill do 3500 on the kit you pay shipping , that includes two head units though , the t trim can easily be sold on ebay or tech for way more than the extra 500 im asking . let me know this is taking up space and needs to be gone .

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