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I Got A Present........

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I was expecting some lil tiny itty bitty kitties. That rabbit is lucky to be alive, my beagle always bring me home some dead presents. I agree, that rabbit looks horrified/terrified.

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I caught a little guy looked just like that size & all. Was on my uncles ranch one time out in a mowed corn field while dove hunting & stumbled upon him trying to hide under a stalk of corn didn't move one bit was super easy to catch. Picked the fella up just as freightened as could be took him to some thicker brush n let him go he woulda been an easy target for one of those chicken hawks flyin around out there.

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Haha. Surprised the cat left it alive.





my mom found a chihuahua on the street, she almost ran it over, poor thimg lookd like sh*t, we now call him paco and my other two dogs love him, i love animals amd if i had a big place i would have alot of them :)

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