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I was just watching the show "Rides" and Chip Foose was designing a body kit for a Cadillac XLR. The show was concentrated in CA @ 5 Axis (car customization shop), however Chip called his buddies in somewhere in Michigan (Detroit ?) to Quality Metal Engineering so they could create a retractable roof for the XLR.


To my surprise, as the cameraman was panning around the inside of the building there was a Vicotry Red Sss sitting right in the corner.


The thing that was very unclear to me, they were jumping back and forth between 5 Axis and QME, so I am not 100 percent sure what building it was where the Sss was sighted.


Anyone here work for QME or 5 Axis? Or maybe it was a car waiting to be modified?

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I would bet that was with tecstar who used to own Wheel 2 Wheel...who made the SSS. that (I am guessing) was Kurt's turbo truck, the first SSS but it was not a silverado. Long story but bad ass truck.

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