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Chevy 1500 6.0 Very Fast

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Im curently selling my truck which I have replaced the motor with a 6.0 This truck has around 111,000 miles on it but the motor only has 28,000 on it and i have the paper work to show it. Runs like a dream and is right up there with the SS trucks. I have had it tuned on quite a bit and runs great. I have a corvete servo that is not yet instaled but will come with the truck. Duals are ran to turn downs right behind the cab and has a head turning sound. Every time i turn the key I get smiles. I also have put pace setter long tube headers and a k and n cold air intake on it. I have had this truck up to almost 140 before and it gets there very quick. The truck itsself is very clean on the in side and out. There are some scratches in the bed but thats nothing a rhino liner cant fix and thery really are not to terrible. I have replaced the door speakers with memphis speakers just because the facory ones sound terrible. I also put a Kenwood excelon cd player in it. all stays in the truck when it sells. the truck is just an extremely fast and extremely nice. for a beter description and answers to any questions give me a call at 573-718-6817 anytime. Im asking 14,900 non negoable.






i have alot more pics and if you are interested i can post more. and my truck was dirty on the outside for these pics i just took them how it sit.

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its a 2003. it is just a half ton truck that i put a 6.0 and did alot of work in because i think that a regular cab, short bed truck is the nicest trucks out there but i always wanted an ss truckbut was not a fan of the extended cab and wanted a 4x4 truck for the winters here. And no i did not just hoin to sell thetruck, ive actually been on here reaing but never posting. i just read others ideas so that way i could get others ideas and opinions.

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