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Got My Wing And Chin Spoiler On

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finally got my impersonator i mean intimidator wing on. got the brackets from Carl "99imperssonator" because everyone seemed to have good luck with them and it saved me the hassle. also re did my chin spoiler. i had cut the corners because the chin spoiler is bigger than our bumpers. this time i wrapped it. im happy the way everything came out. let me know what you think!

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they are Regency wheels, made by Granite Alloys. discontinued. no one else will have the same ones haha. close but not the same. i love em. was gonna get the boss 313, i love those. but everyone has them.




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i got the chin spoiler right from the dealer. its for a tahoe. everywhere i tried getting it online was either too expensive or out of stock. i think it was 40 bucks.


i tried getting some further away shots, but the sun was messin up my pics. and dan its not that dirty, those are all rock chips on the front end. sucks! i will get some more when i detail it again for carlisle.


i used all stock parts. the bolts, body panel tape (which i reattached some cladding with also), and nutserts i guess they are called. came out better than i thought

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