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Need Balancing?


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A couple of weeks ago I was getting off of work at 6:30 a.m. and started to take off home, around 40 mph my tires felt like they were bouncing my steering wheel was going left and right like if i was driving an antique car. But anyways i stepped on the gas and the "vibration" or "shake" went away. Came to a stop like and around 40 mph it did it again, so i braked and it stopped. Do you think its a balancing issue? 2 days before that I greased the truck. What I also noticed is that when im going 40 mph and I hit any little bump that seems to trigger it, and i feel all the bumps on my steering wheel now, any slight movement on the wheels i feel it on the steering wheel, wasnt like this before, what do you think?? HELP!!!!

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The truck was fine Before or After I got it balanced at sears it didnt do it until now, I heard its difficult to replace the pitman arm, but how about the idler arm? I got extended warranty on my truck but will it cover it?

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A good sized pothole can knock a weight off one of your tires, have them rebalanced again and have the alignment checked. If you have a bad idler arm, the alignment shop should find it. There is also the slim possibility that you have a tire tread separating internally......

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Moog upper balljoint part# K6540


Moog lower balljoint part# K6541


Moog pitman arm part# K6536


Moog idler arm part# k6535


Moog inner tie rod part# ev370


Moog outer tie rod part# es3492t

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