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Dynatech Headers


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Ive got a set of the older style dynatech headers that have maybe 10 miles on them. I bought them last year and havent driven the truck but 1 time since. They are in almost perfect condition. I will get pics when my new headers come in and I take them off. I dont know what to ask, so Ill say $600 shipped

Or headers and 6.0 catted midpipes for $750+shipping.

heres some crappy cell phone pics, I cant find my camera. Ill use my sisters camera and get some better pics soon.





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the new style doesnt have the hump on the driver side. These will bolt up to the 03ss . The midpipes are for the 6.0 truck, so it would fit yours no problem


I think I read somewhere the bolt pattern for the 6.0 vortec and the 5.3 are the same. I am intrested if it will work on the 5.3 motor

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All he would have to do is buy a cat back exhaust for a 6.0L ext cab truck (if his is ext cab) and it should bolt right up. Brobradh did the exact opposite to make his headers with a single mid pipe fit. It can be done with a corsa at least as far as I know.

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