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Ot: 2001 Crown Vic Police Interceptor


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Very Decent Price ... :thumbs: But we need some pics.


Hey Dan ... (Fireman31) ... Here is your DD ...


Lol, I was talking to Fireman31 about it when I bought it. Also talked to FireRescueTyler about it (here and on CVN)...


I don't want to sell it in any way... but I'm upside down on the SS and need the cash so it's the only option... :( I JUST bought it in May...


I have to take pics asap, probably tomorrow... (had school tonight)...

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Here are a few shots for now. It's kinda' dirty, but I wanted to get the pics up.











If a SS.com member is interested, I can work a deal out with them. ONLY if you have some standing on the forums... no '13' post members...


A discount and maybe an agreement of a no interest payment plan or something...

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I have a 2003 mercury marauder, which is essentially the same vehicle, and it is the best DD Ive ever owned! +1 for a good price and a bump!


Thanks for the bump...


This is no MM though! I imagine they're the SS of the panther world.


You should check out crownvic.net forums (if you haven't already.)



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Bump for a great deal ...


I have a 1998 P71 Crown Vic ... They make great DD's ... Mine has only 163K on her, and she doesn't burn oil!!!!


Parts are cheap for these cars ... If mine was not running as good as it does, I would be jumping on this ... :thumbs: ...


I bought mine 5 1/2 years ago for $3800.00 ... and she hasn't let me down yet ... So Dan ... Buy this thing already ...

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