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427 Ss


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Ya Pacos truck is sicccck. Thats one bad truck its been in a couple mags too. Its not really AWD it was a 2wd that he put 4wd in but has it set so its only 4wd on the launch and then 4wd disengages and it goes back to 2wd, im not sure how he does it but I remember reading it in one of the truck mags. Hes a member on another forum im on and he builds some bad a$$ trucks! And as far as 427 SS's go If you havent seen them yet youtube the Fastlane Motorsports 427 Silverado SS thats also an awesome truck. I thought I read somewhere that GM was thinking about getting together with Fastlane and certain dealers would be able to offer the Fastlane 427 package with the purchase of a new truck and there were a few different engine packages you could go with it was pretty expensive though. I wish I could remember where I read that.

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Back in March it was a little over 700 with a 150 shot. Heres a little run down on it.




Its an awesome truck. Theres some sweet videos on youtube of him killing some pretty fast cars. I think if you search Paco 427 silverado they should come up on youtube

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