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Wow..I Love The Cold Air!


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well since ive had my truck i normaly just drive it on nice days..and parkit for the winter pretty early..but this year i desided to enjoy it alil more..and drove it most of the time all summer even putting some miles on it..and now that the weather is prettty nipply..ITS A MONSTER!!!! hahaha..ive felt pretty good gains with it before when it got cold out..but this is just blowin my mind it doesnt even feel like the same truck!! i find my self talkin all the backroads home..look for those nice long straight shots..stoping..and letttin it go haha..took a coworker for a ride and he was like did you really just blow all 4 tires off like that?? holy chit!!.. by the end of the trip he learned NOT to set anything on the dash because it ended up hittin him in the face a few times..LOL the truck is always strong out of the hole..but the topend mostly 3rd gear keeps youve pinned in the seat like ive never felt the truck do before..


oh and to top it off i finaly got my PLX boost and afr gauges installed in the diesel soco pod...i gotta keep tellin my self keep your eyes on the road and off the gauges..but the digital gauges look so much better and i seem to be makin lil more boost then i thought :censor: .. just though i would share my:peelout: before i have to put her away probly gonna snow by the end of the week



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