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I Want The Brightest Headlights In The World


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31 Views and not any advice...very shocking for this site, I know I can research till the cows come home but I want cheers and jeers on products that we as a site have used and whats good and whats bad.....any help would be great....





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just fill every light hole in ur truck with HID's It'll cost u a pretty penny but if its what u want, ive got 3 sets of HID's lows, highs, and fogs, plenty of light with just lows and fogs but if i want more i just flip on the brights, its like its daylight coming out of the front of my truck

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55w 6000k



I have two 55W kits in the truck for this last few years and LOVE them. No melted housings or other issues. And I rarely get brighted, that has more to do with how they are aimed then the bulb output. I aim the passenger housing a tick higher than the driver's one so that I can more easily read road signs, and I aim the driver's beam at stock or even a tick lower angle to prevent brighting oncoming drivers and you cannot tell behind the wheel, they look/perform great. Remember to do the 4-beam diode trick, that's a must with HIDs in the high beams. To give you an idea, on level ground with all beams on I can see about 12-seconds down the road at 75-mph.


100W kits - I would wire these with relays etc because the factory wiring harness was only meant to run 55W bulbs. Then again, I think Zippy uses 100W halolgen bulbs without problem so maybe the wiring in the truck is already adequate? :dunno: And I have no idea how hot they get, or if they would melt or disfigure the housings but as an FYI I've put the housings in the oven at 200-degrees (to separate them) and they did not distort so they can already take a lot of heat.


Mr. P. :)

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I have had DDMTuning.com HID 6000k 55w for over a year. No problems and bright as hell.


:withstupid: , I have the same ones, I blew one bulb after a while but replacements were only like $12 so I cant complain, I love when someone flicks me off thinking they are high beams, then i get behind them and flick on the highs and blind the shit out of them :jester:

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