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Truck Got Hit


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Well Driving on the way to work on Tuesday I got hit from behind by a Honda Accord. The roads were nasty but luckily its not too much damage, and her insurance company has been very helpful. The body shop estimated about 1k in damages Here are some Pics.





I made 3 dumb mistakes that morning that led to me getting hit

1. I went to work :crackup:

2. I took a cutoff that i normally don't take to work, i decided to go that way because i thought it would not be as slick as my normal way....wow was i wrong

3. I was going to drive my grandpas 78 chevy truck to work that morning, just so i didn't risk anything happening to my truck. My grandpas truck has a huge metal bumper and the trailer hitch. If she would have hit me i would have just laughed at her


Oh well hopefully i can get it fixed soon

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