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Battery Not Charging...


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Well I did the 145A alt so I'll be ok for the Torrents in December and I got the dreaded and hard to diasgnose ^^^ displayed in the info center (yes I cleared the message with the reset button as per the owners manual, but the battery light still blinked).

What an absolute pain in the a**. I also did the "big 3" so I thought maybe I did something wrong... nope, so cool, kinda.

Well I finally decided to hook up the Programmer and look for something Alt related and low and behold there it is "Generator F-Post terminal Duty Cycle"... it was reading zero with no fluctuations; yeah right. Soooo tonight I decided to say efit and put the stock 105A alt back in and whammo... good to go. But then I tracked the duty cycle again and even without the fans and just my amp (and it's nothing major) with the volume up around 3/4 and running the engine around 1-1.5k rpm, it still maxed out the duty cycle.

So now I gotta wait until like Monday and just prolly get my money back for the alt and get another one somewhere. It is/was a delphi unit remaned, so who knows what the prob is . Well come to think of it, it DID charge the battery, but prolly at full amperage all the time and it's not supposed to.

I really hope this helps someone and they don't have to freeze their ace off trouble shooting like I did.

Ok, bye

PS, amp fuse is pulled and I plan on the 145A alt and a 2nd battery, due to all the crap I got on her. Remote start etc...

I had to replace the battery today, just a 770 CCA like Exide or something.

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