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Driver'S Mirror Won'T Fold In?


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Anyone have troubleshooting ideas on why a driver's mirror will not fold in? I have replaced the whole mirror itself, originally thinking it was at fault but the replacement mirror also refuses to fold in. The passenger mirror folds/unfolds no problem. Is there a module or something else I need to check?


Mr. P. :)

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Did the replacement mirror include the mechanism that folds the mirror in? Whenever I have seen someone push them in manually, it sounds like a plastic gear being jumped over its splines, or something. I'm guessing if that got stripped, the mirror wouldn't performed as expected. No confirmed facts here, just guessing. :dunno:

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Mine always fold in/out fine but sometimes the drivers side mirror won't return to the same position it was in before I folded it in. Kinda a PITA! Hope you get it figured out Steve.


:withstupid" mine does the same thing. i have had it not fold in and ive pressed the button, popped it closed then folded them out by the control and then if the driverside one doesnt do it, then just fold it out again and it "SHOULD" catch on the mirror gears

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