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Alright guys im frustrated and need some help! Ive got two problems with my 03 sss that seemed to happen within a week of each other and i cannot figure it out. So my heat only blows hot air when its at 90. At 89 it blows ice cold for the passenger and driver sides. I had a spare climate control unit that i know works so i swapped them and still the same sh*t. When i turn the a/c on 75 or so i can get it to blow warmer air. Also, my heated seats don't work. when you hit the driver side control the lights flash on then off and you hear a relay click. If the passenger side is on (only the back works) and you hit the driver side it turns off the passenger side. I checked all sorts of fuses and tried searching for bad grounds. Possibly a thermostat is my climate control issue? Any of you guys have a suggestion or similar issue? i traced through wiring looms until my eyes crossed and cant figure it out. hopefully you guys and your infinite wisdom can help me out! Thanks banghead.gif

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Correct me if I'm wrong experts but your climate control issue is your "blend door actuator" mine does the same. Disconnect your battery, wait 2-3 mins. and reconnect, sometimes this helps. It's an intermittent problem, usually resolves itself. Search "blend door actuator" - entire forum and you'll get a lot of info. No idea on the seat issue, I have standard seats. BDA's run about $125 each, I believe there are at least 2. Driver and passenger side.

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