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Random Miscellanous Stuff/Things

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Okay so I'll try this again. Hope this thread goes well.


-Brand New Magnavox 2GB MP3 Player, never been used, works $make offers


-Real Ninja Sword w/Case&Carrying Straps $make offers (This is a real sword, I can prove it if needed)


-Red Can Cooler autograghed by pro monster truck drivers $10 Sold

-Chevy Truck Steering Wheel for 1980s to 1990s GM Trucks $make offers


-Brand New still in package, never opened Chrome Pop Out Lighter $make offers


-Deer Hunter 2005 Computer Video Game $make offers


-Black Automotive Fan for Vehicles, works $make offers


-Wheaties Mini Collector Box, Mark McGwire 24K Gold Replica Signature $make offers


-Wheaties Mini Collector Box, Jackie Robinson 24K Gold Replica Signature $make offers


-Hot Wheels New Toy(s) Monster Trucks $make offers (Goldberg, Team Meents, Bulldozer, Wolverine)


-PlayStation 2 Madden 2005 Video Game $make offers


-PlayStation 2 Stuntman Ignition Video Game $make offers


-PlayStation 2 007 Nightfire Video Game $make offers


-PlayStation 2 007 Agent Under Fire Video Game $make offers


-PlayStation 2 007 Everything or Nothing Video Game $make offers


-Xbox Wreckless Video Game $make offers



Well that's everything so far. I'll post more up if I find anything else I want to get rid and/or don't want or use. Let me know please

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Hey everyone, I still got stuff to get rid of. Please feel free to look and make offers. I am trying to raise money for my quad so I can get my engine back from engine builder and try to ride this next spring and summer. Any help right now would be very much appreciated.

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Yea I would, but ebay charges fees for trying to sell stuff on there. Even if you don't sell your item, you still have to pay a fee. I have been thinking about putting a few things on ebay, but just haven't done it yet.



Ebay has free classified ads.

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