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Nx Nitrous Kit With Extras / Tinted Tail Lights


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I have a few items up for sale that I no longer need or am tierd of it sitting around.


1st off is a Nitrous Express GM EFI Nitrous kit. It is the universal wet kit with the shark nozzel including 35-50-75-100-150 HP jets. Extras I have added to it are the Timing tuner/Nitrous controller from Thunder Racing, NOS bottle heater, NX blowdown tube kit and NX blowoff cap. I had the truck at the track 4 times with this nitrous kit, It had less than 6 bottles ran through it. Was looking to get 550 shipped. Everything costs me roughly 1100 new. This kit is off my 03 SSS all wiring is there to bolt right in. Includes all manuals as well. SOLD


Nitrous Kit

Timing Tuner

bottle heater



Second item are a set of IPCW LED Tail lights. They are the lights shown in the link below, but have been tinted. They are in decient shape but are NOT perfect. There are a few light scratches in the tint. Looking to get 100.00 shipped. SOLD



EDIT: Lowered price on N2O

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