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Whats up guys! I've seen this site before just never registered! I have the original 2003 SS AWD with the 6.0L engine in Red. It was a grad present from high school and it has been an amazing truck! I always wanted to modify the engine but ended up never doing it. Sadly now it has too many miles to do anything safely. I have a 1972 Nova as well with a 502 ci Dart M in it and its my fun car. Haha my truck is my A-B driver. I'm thinking about selling the truck now because there are some great cars out there that get twice the gas mileage and 2 sec faster 0-60 times. It has a little less than 140,000 miles on it. The paint is very clean and the inside is perfect! Rediculous really cause it looks new (one of my fav parts bout this truck)! I have changed the oil every 3,000 miles since I bought it at 30k, with RP5-30 synthetic. The engine is about 95% what it was 100k miles ago; so I consider that pretty good, considering how we drive these things. The tranny needs a good flush but all the other running gear is in fantastic shape. I take good care of my cars inside and out. I really just want to know what ya'll think is a reasonable asking price for my truck? I was thinking $10k would be a good place.


Thank you for any responce! I really appreciate it! I figure if anywhere, here is the best place to find out!



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Just to give you an idea I bought my 03 about 4 months ago for 13k flat. Extremely good condition, not a dent on the body, interior good shape, normal wear n tear on the leather. Motor had 101k miles on it. very clean truck, so just take into consideration your truck has slightly more miles than mine but nowa days 100k miles truck is still young. its not like the old days when it was time for a new vehicle. if anything your truck has only gone through half its life

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