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Whos Ready To Watch Some Ufc 124!


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and let me say i hate Koscheck...i hope he gets total embarrased and knocked the **** out!!..i still wanna see a good fight..but hes the kinda mindless jock that i hate..


and incase anyone doesnt wanna spend the money and wants to watch it free online...heres where i watch it


heres the free link for the prelims



and for the fight!!



and..incase u loose feed..this is the link to the main site to find another host...fyi there normaly at the bottom of the list


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Must say thanks to the OP for posting the link....didnt really want to pay the money for the fight or go out to see it cause work comes way too early.....and by the fights leading up to the main event can say im happy i didnt pay for it....thank again go GSP...FTMFW!!!

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