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Picked Up A New Project


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Picked up a new project a couple weeks ago. Went with a couple of my buddies to pick up his 50 chevy truck 3 window rat rod project and ended up picking this up for a rat rod project for myself. Totally random but it will definatly be a fun project. This thing is in KILLER shape and very solid


41 Dodge truck cab, hood, and front fenders. All sitting on a 97 S-10 frame and suspension, 48 chevy bed, with 49 Ford rear fenders. Trimmed front coils and lowering blocks in the rear.








355 Chevy motor, TH350 trans, 97 S-10 driveline and suspension. The air cleaner lid is a cooking pot lid. The coolant overflow is a WWII water canteen. Manual throttle linkage and manaul choke




Steering wheel and column out of the S-10 donor truck




Leather rear seats out of a 97 GT mustang. The orginal seat base was there and these were intergated into it.




Air tank converted into fuel tank. This is temporary to get the truck running. I will convert to an actual fuel cell with a sender. Also will tank old wood from an abandoned barn or something and make the bed floor out of that




The orginal 41 owners manual!






I plan to start on this after nationals this summer. Few things that need to be done:


convert original 6v system to modern 12v

trim bottom of the front fenders down, and mount 49 chevy running boards

fab exhaust

trim and mount tailgate

clean and polish out original glass

have a radiator custom made. a temporary radiator is in the factory location but with the big motor, it doesnt leave any room for a fan. So ill have to make brackets for a different radiator and mount fan

c-notch rear frame

rear shocks

remove gauges from dash, clean, and try to get to work ( not sure on this)

possibly mount a floor shifter instead of column shift

and much more.........

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BAMF! I'd drive it as is.


if you are meaning paint its for sure NOT getting painted. But there are things I have to do that need to get "road worthy.


Also there is another catch. This truck doesnt have a title. The ol boy I bought it from bought it from the son of the original owner. He has passed and the son said the title was in a house fire and the truck sat since that time. I believe all I have to do it apply for a lost title and jump through the hoops.

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Very cool. :pimp:



:nono: Then it wouldn't be a Rat Rod!! Don't spoil it with a NEW CUSTOM part, scrounge for a workable radiator out of the boneyard! :lol:


And a floor shifter is a must :thumbs:


Mr. P. :)


new radiator is OK in the rat rod world lol trust me iv already checked. Two buddies I know are into this pretty well so im gettin the do's and dont's already. One has a 48 chevy 5 window truck, orginal frame, nova sub frame, 350,700R4, and driveline out of a 96 Caprice, also the leather seats from the Caprice as well. Then the guy thats sittin in the truck with me in the above pic, hes the one we picked up his 50 chevy truck 3 window for.


Yes, plan on doin some sort of B&M deal or something. Havnt got that far on this detail yet lol

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Too bad old Chrysler 392 hemis aren't a dime a dozen anymore; that would be badass.


Mr. P.


This is true. Im not looking for tire smoking power on this one though, pure cruiser. I will be swapping the exhaust manifolds for S-10 headers where one of the primaries wrap around the steering shaft.

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