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Video: Dukes Of Milford 5


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Name: Dukes of Milford 5

Category: Silverado SS's

Date Added: 15 December 2010 - 11:47 PM

Submitter: jiggabauer

Short Description: Punishing some vehicles!


New to the site....heres a video for everyone to enjoy. Some buddies and I punishing some of our vehicles. I own the 1990 sierra and blue SS Silverado . WATCH All FIVE VIDEOS TO THE SERIES!!!


View Video

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Yaa dont worry guys..the ss is usually babied. Right now its in a barn for the winter so it doesnt see salt. She's still mint. Surprisingly no rock chips, I felt bad so i washed and waxed it after lol. its a truck.. its in its blood

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Kind of a cool video, but I think have a little more respect for your SS than to slam it though gravel. You will find a lot of the guys on here wont like that part of the video cuz we dont treat our trucks like that. Now for tat pos Duke truck then yea put it through all kinds of h#ll. Im not being mean here just being up fornt with you good sir.

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