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Cold Weather Stops Kenne Bells Sc

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Well guys, as many know, we here in Memphis had a spell of cold weather and snow. Last night it was about 10 degrees.


So I go out and start the truck this morning like I always do to let it warm up. After 5 to 7 minutes it is time to head out. I notice a different squeaking noise as I get in the truck and just thought it was the heater fan. Out the drive way and around the corner when the squeak turns into a Squeal. I stop and pop the hood to find the KB charger has LOCKED UP! So I shut her down and walked back home to get the wife’s car. I get home early and remove the belt and drive, with no power steering, back home, just and 1/8 of a mile. For sure I find the charger pulley will barely turn. I check the oil on the Kenne Bell and find it is low, my bad. So the story here is never run low on SC oil when it is 10 degrees.


Tomorrow my neighbor and I will remove the SC and ship it to KB for a rebuild, they say $700 to start and will let me know the real damages after an inspection. Looks like I will looking for ride to work for a couple of weeks. With only 42,000 miles on the unit I don't expect much to be replaced except bearings.


Just sharing life in Big M town.



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