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Hey everyone, so here is my project truck I was building since 2006 and now I finally gave up on it. I almost finished it, but figured why bother anymore. Was unable to obtain a title for it so figured I'd be better off to part it out...which I am trying to do now. I built this truck pretty much from almost nothing, but got to see the Chevrolet Silverado SS and found more interest a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS instead, so this is the reason I want to get rid of this old truck. I'm going to be parting out this whole truck, but I'll post up a thread for this truck later in the for sale forum to part it out when I get more pics. Only parts or things that will be going to scrap is the box/bed, driver side door and passenger door I replaced-not the black door on passenger side, both front and rear bumpers-damaged, and maybe the cab. I figured I could try to sell the cab after I push out the windshield and remove the vin number from the cab since a title can't be obtained for it. But anyway, I just want to try to get as much out of this truck as I can. This truck is NOT stolen, just to let you all know. I bought it without a title a long time ago and figured I could build it into a project I like, but since the title became a problem, I have no choice but to give up on this truck and just part it all out. Besides I want to get a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS anyway. Well besides all that, what do you all think of my project truck I was building and gave up on? I still have more pictures to take and will post more up later...














Well these are all I need to post for now. I got a lot more photos of this truck and more to take, so I'll get more and post up more later...let me know what you all think of my project that I WAS building, but just got sick of it and gave up on it now because I want something else

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Yea this truck has a lot of rust on the chassis parts, but it is a good truck. Well it was and it won't be much of a truck once I start parting it out and people start coming and buying parts off it. I am going to list this truck on craigslist to part it out because I'm just fed up with having it. I tried to sell it as a complete whole truck and no one wanted to pay what I wanted to get for it, so I figured it's best to just part it out and let everything go off it. I can make more money this way too from this truck.

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