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Fast4Popper'S New Offerings And I'M Back


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Hey guys! Sorry I am not on here much anymore. I don’t have much access to the Net at home, so I only get online at work. WhiSSle is down for a bit, I had the oil pump fail. I am planning on goin thru the motor in April and have it up and runnin again for the show season. I have some things up my sleeve to tweek her a little bit. Nothing major but just some small attention to detail things.


That’s what leads me to this post. I want to offer you guys an inexpensive opportunity to get your interior lighting, gauges, switches, heater controls etc, all changed to LEDs and in the color you want. I am doing mine in Blue to match my Alpine Radio and be a little easier on the eyes. I will NOT be doing the factory radios. There is just too much involved with them. Here is the plan. If you local to me, I will take the interior apart and do them while you wait, these will take me 4-5 hours to do. Otherwise, you can ship them to me, I will make the changes and make sure all is up and working properly before I ship them back to you. My price for this is 250$, including shipping back to your address. My expected turn around will be a weekend. I will ship them out on Monday mornings once completed.


Also, I am, as always, offering audio and remote starters as well as alarms installed if you are in my area. I am more than willing to come to you if its reasonable distance. Contact me with any questions you might have on any of these.


Also I am offering suede headliners, this includes the suede, the labor to remove and reinstall them, as well as prep and refinishing of your factory “Tan” panels so they match your suede color choice. I have enough for 2 charcoal suede headliners right now, if you are interested. They match our interiors perfectly.

If you have any other ideas, I am more than willing to look into it. ex: gauge pods, custom interior panels, custom audio design and installs, any sort of electrical you can think of, I am up for it!


I hope to meet more of you soon, as life is lookin up, and I am finally getting caught up from my east coast move and enjoying life once again!!


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Chris' work speaks for itself, check out his past threads.


I didn't see much in his past threads. I was just checking. I've done this mod myself and it is very labor intensive. Some parts require a lot more fabrication and addition of LED's to make it look factory and not have hot spots. There also needs LED's added where there are no lights from the factory. He charges a lot less then I do. And if he charges that much and does all the fabrication and addition of LED's then that is a very good price.

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Thanks for the good words Shaun, as for my charging price, I like to pass my knowledge on and word of mouth, also, It gives me something to do on my off time. My Fiance will be helping solder and take things apart, she if phenominal with cars and working together with her is alot of fun for us.


Sick03ss,,,, I am close to you, lets get together soon!!

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Silverado777, check my link at the end of this post....


I built it, i paid for it, it was all my ideas and my completion... not an empty wallet, nor a free ride... the ONLY thing i didnt do, was the tranny mods, that I paid for... I think making Truckin Mag on my own acct, speaks for itself, as most on here will agree!!!


(let the BANNING begin)

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