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Ebay Seller Zokuracing

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I ordered new headlight from this seller on E-Bay. At first the transaction was great and I received the product in 2 days. Awesome. Well when i installed them the silver cap on one of the headlights was bent and was hitting the actual bulb. So I did the best i could at bending it back. Well when i installed the lights and turned them on at night both headlights were aiming towards the right. Driver side shined in the middle of the road and the passenger side shine in the next lane over! So, I emailed the seller who responded to me 3 days later that she has contacted UPS and they would be sending me a shipping label to return the product back. 2 days later I finally got the call tag back. Before i sent out the lights i asked if they wanted me to send all of it back or just the defective headlights. They responded all of it. So a couple days go by...then a week....the a week and a have and still nothing at my door. So I email them asking about the status. They responded 2 days later that when they receive the return package they will send out a new on. I checked the the tracking number and they received the package 2 days after I sent it. It was 12 days later!!!! I responded to them letting them know this and sent them this confirmation. Three days later I still didn't hear back from them. So I sent them an e-mail saying if they do not send me a tracking number by the end of the day that I will requesting a full refund. Sure enough I still didn't hear back from them. So, after work on Monday I was going to open a case with Ebay and sure enough there is a package at my door. They were so lucky I said to myself. So, I open the package and what do you know.......they just sent the headlights and didn't send the bumper lights!!!! Arg!!! So, once again i sent them another e-mail and no response for a week! So, I opened a case with Ebay and sure enough that day they get back to me saying that they are sorry and that the bumper lights were on back order and they sent them out that day. Ugh! Whatever. So, two days later I get the bumper lights and Install all four at once......and are you f***ing kidding me these light have the same problem as the other ones!!!! I thought I could deal with it but I just hate driving at night cuz it bugs the heall out of me. I can also see where my DRL's are starting to burn the chrome. Guess I need LED's. So, now I am going to return them. Not sure what I am going to do about lights now. Guess I'll try to find the same ones just from someone else and hope i don't have the same problems. Either way moral of the story......DON'T BUY FROM ZOKURACING on Ebay.




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i bought my led tails from some big seller on ebay and they were local to me . so i asked if i could pick up local they said ok . i went there and it was a shady operation , cheapo parts with only one person who could somewhat understand what i was saying. at least i got decent parts for cheap.


sounds like you got some cheapo lights , post up which ones so we know what to stay away from . curious to what you up with for the bumpers lights all the stock ones i have seen are dull from the halogen heat. i have seen some led ones that look ok lit up but horrible when not imo .

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Quite an ordeal, you're very patient, hope you're $ gets refunded to you. I have bought a few different sets off E-Bay. 1st set like yours was the black shell but 3 out of 4 were black and 1 grey. Bought a 2nd set and broke the black one I was replacing the grey one with lol and gave up. So I have 3 if you need em lol. One headlight and 2 bumper lights....

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