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Comp Cam For Sale! Lsr Series 215/223 Duration .604/.610 Lift On 1


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I'm selling a comp cam that was installed in my 2002 5.3L in my 69' Chevy for only 800 miles. I removed the cam and sold the 5.3L to upgrade to a 6.0L that was the only reason for removal. It is a great cam with a mild idle (slight lobe), works excellent with stock torque converter and makes excellent torque and hp gains over stock. Looking at the cam lobes everything looks absolutely mint, after all I only used it 800 miles. This cam will fit any LS series motor with a 3 bolt cam (which most LS series engines have)

The Cam is a Comp LSR Series

Part Number: 54-455-11

Grind Number: 265LR HR12

Specs: 215/223 duration .604/.610 lift on 112lsa


Asking $350 Shipped!

If anyone is interested in it, send me a PM!



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Good luck with the sale Matt :cheers: hows the 6.0 running??



As far as the 6.0L goes its pretty much been sitting around, I've started it up a few times just to listen to it! I can't wait until around May when the road finally clear up so I can go test it out for the first time! I also need to get the tune dialed in I think as well. pepsicheer.gif

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