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So What Have I Been Up To?


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The nitrous got old, got tierd of filling/heating the bottle, etc. Wanted something thats there whenever I hit the throttle so heres what I got. I swapped the cam out yet again. for an Comp Cams XER273HR (.224 .230 .581 .592 114 lsa) added some more guages, D1SC Procharger, cleaned up some items in the engine bay, wiring, etc. Fired it up yesterday. She sounds nasty. Can't wait to get the tuning squared away and get it on the road. Video to come.












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daym nice work , that d1 should kick some ass. surprised i didnt see efans as well. thats a lot of parts on the bench


Chase, e-fans are comming. I'm beginning a list for next winter already. E-fans, larger intercooler, piping, more boost. and I may be getting an 80E for very cheap. So a trans swap may be in the works as well.

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Hellz yea Luke that's bamf.


I've got a parts pileing up right now too just waiting for me to get back from Korea. I also got a D1 shhhh it's hush hush for now lol. Got a 80e waiting and a few other goodies to top off the D1. Only thing I'm still stuck on is a good loaby cam. I'm running stock heads so idk what one to go with and I am going to have to match a good converter with it too.


Congrats brother

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