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26'S Are On!


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Sorry for the dirtyness, didn't have time today...will wash it up tomorrow and post better ones.

Specs: 26" Bentchi B14 chromes with 305/30/26 Lexani LX4000 tires.


And to all of those that disagree with 26s, I don't mind the power, mileage or ride comfort loss - none of which are very noticeable. I do do some light offroading (just to get to a spot to unload the YZ).


I had to take the bumper off, drill out the holes a bit and pull it forward about a inch and minor trimming to the liners.

post-21469-065372500 1298358377_thumb.jpg

post-21469-004963400 1298358460_thumb.jpg

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The front wheels rubbed slightly on the bottom lip of the bumper when turning so we had to take the bumper off and drill the mounting holes out a little bit so I could slide the bumper forward. Can't really tell that it's been done but now there's no rub.

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lookng good:thumbsup: , are you going to powder coat them?


Powdercoating is gonna be way too much - I usually don't keep wheels very long as my suppliers come out with new designs usually every quarter. What i'm thinking is a candy blue vinyl overlay that goes on just the spokes to match the truck.

post-21469-045552700 1298417739_thumb.jpg

post-21469-015543500 1298417750_thumb.jpg

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