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My Daily Driver Rebuild


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Recently my daily driver took a sh#t. It blew a head gasket. So I fixed the head gasket and took the time to fix everything I was putting off fixing until later. It cost me just under $800 to fix everything. I basically replaced the top half of the motor and radiator. But for the same money I couldn’t even buy the exhaust system I want for my truck! Oh, well I keep my daily driver running so I keep the miles of my truck.


I took the head to be cleaned, pressure tested, & resurfaced

replaced the seats and the seals (basic valve job)

new head gasket, head bolts, & misc seals.

new fuel injectors

K&N air filter

Magnaflow catalytic converter (49 stater)

changed the filter, gasket, and oil in the transmission

changed the oil twice (once right away, and second after 50 miles)

new plugs and wires

new radiator (old was leaking)

coolant flush

rotated the tires

replaced 4 vacuum lines (cause of rough idle)

replaced serpentine belt tensioner pulley

replaced trunk wood & carpet (spilled hydraulic oil in trunk)

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you have any idea why it took a sh*t?

The car has been worked hard. The cat might have gone bad after the head gasket went. Running all those different fluids through it can cause the cat to go bad. Or the cat went bad first and caused a pressure build up that caused the head gasket to go bad. But I'm pretty sure it was just because the car is a ford and getting old. I was driving it went the head gasket blew and I hadn't gotten any indication the cat was going bad.


How many miles you got on the ladie?

Just over 116,000 miles.

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