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03 Arrival Blue Ss Feeler


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Hey guys this is just a feeler for my truck to see what interest is out there. Im getting the itch to get something else, I miss driving standard and would also enjoy a duramax or lifted truck. Im gonna say $15000 OBO. I would also consider a trade for a wrx, sti, evo, duramax, or lifted silverado.


2003 Silverado SS Arrival Blue- about to roll over 90k miles

Dual exhaust

Black and silver 22s as well as Stock 20s

K&N 77 series intake

8k hid lows, 6k highs

tinted windows, tinted tails, black bowtie/ducts, billet grille,

tonneau cover

leather, bose, xm

thats all i can think of


Heres a few pics










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BUMP...I drive around 400 miles a week and its costing too much, plus the truck doesnt deserve all those miles...$15000 OBO guys




VERY INTERESTED! We've been looking for one of these trucks to purchase for a few months....have cash in hand and you're local to us so we would love more details.

Please send me an email if this truck is still for sale... [email protected]

Do you have the factory exhaust for it still? Will send a pm also...

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Nice truck man. I have an STI that could be involved in the deal but it would require a lot of cash on your end lol my car is a 2010. If you have an interest let me know. I would need like $17k on top of the truck. My car has 9xxx miles on it and its modded to hell. Thanks.

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